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aricxo (#27732): Check out this reptile!
Paula9099 (#20964): Bbl
Paula9099 (#20964): Gahhh hatching lol
Paula9099 (#20964): Good just had a nap lol
Lucas (#28419): How you Paula?
Paula9099 (#20964): Hello
Lucas (#28419): Hello!
Snikrr (#26526): Check out this reptile!
snakeboy (#23278): cheap female gargoyle on market.
mistdragonwolf (#15910): I got bit by one of my cats over lettuce...
Paula9099 (#20964): Bbl gotta take nieces to drama
Paula9099 (#20964): Lol
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Headphone mic... the headphones are touchy....
mistdragonwolf (#15910): O.O they would have been bad. My mic went ro google as i said "i dont do drugs, cause im already high enough" from the song... i dont want to know what it would have told me... lmao
GypsyVannerLovers (#27001): 895.7 female dragon on the market pure 3 loci (Up for 300k)
ReptileArt (#29779): lots of Leos and Balls added to market Power house Balls. just look for Snow E Geckos that's my main account
Paula9099 (#20964): Decided to wait for subway for food
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Oof im tired of poeple aski g why i picked german over spanish... my response is that it is easier more me
ReptileArt (#29779): Check out this reptile!
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Lmao my friend who got me into ball pythons told me thst he knows that when i get my first ball that im naming it dabi
Paula9099 (#20964): Well that is pet shop outta money
Paula9099 (#20964): Hmmm time to make food
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Skye its hard to explain to her who dont like yaoi mangas that the main character is frong killing stalking xD
Paula9099 (#20964): That it has
skyewalker38 (#17322): been awhile
Paula9099 (#20964): Hey skye
skyewalker38 (#17322): lol
skyewalker38 (#17322): hey paula :)
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Xd my friend decided not to listen to me and look at the snake i showed her. No she asked me about what i was watching. I died trying to explain to her
Paula9099 (#20964): Well that is about 40 dart frogs sold
Paula9099 (#20964): Yep
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Check out this reptile! xD i think the name fits him well
Paula9099 (#20964): Well my sell tab is going down lol
mistdragonwolf (#15910): They are sleeping xD its midnight
Paula9099 (#20964): Lol
mistdragonwolf (#15910): XD my neighbor is gonna hate me xD i yelled at my phone cause i played a random nightcore Playlist for the hell of it and its showing character ships i like xD like i didnt not sign up to be killed by YouTube
Paula9099 (#20964): I am gonna start p.sing them
Paula9099 (#20964): I dont think many do
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Nupe i dont breed them
Paula9099 (#20964): Mist do ya need any dart frogs?
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Fall for me
Paula9099 (#20964): It is spring here so it should not be snowing
mistdragonwolf (#15910): It ALWAYS snows on Halloween here xD ruins spooky season
Paula9099 (#20964): I love it
mistdragonwolf (#15910): XD i hate when it snows
Paula9099 (#20964): Snowwww
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Well see ive been wanting for MHA which i know has already started and haikyuu and well yuri on ice (been keeping my eye out for more banana fish as well) and i havent started the second season of tiger and bunny yet xD
skyewalker38 (#17322): mist watch brand new animal and spy x family
Paula9099 (#20964): Not yet
Paula9099 (#20964): Hey ya

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