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ColdBushido (#29358): infitie exp glitch (kinda)
ColdBushido (#29358): breed white's tree frogs, get a normal and a blue phase
JovitaK (#28657): hey how do i get level 2 genetics?
Lucas (#28419): Ill be off in 3 minutes
Lucas (#28419): They juvies
Lucas (#28419): There is 2 males on market for 10k
TitoPR (#19831): Hello guys I'm looking for a male adult Summer dart frog if anyone is selling one please let me know
Lucas (#28419): Thx!
TASTE (#28423): He is on the market reserved for u.
Lucas (#28419): Sure thx I thought I got one yesterday from you but thx!
TASTE (#28423): Check out this reptile!
TASTE (#28423): Lucas, do u need a koi male?
Lucas (#28419): Ooo nice!
crb1104 (#3797): I'll take them, but I wish they weren't both female XD
crb1104 (#3797): Check out this reptile!
crb1104 (#3797): Check out this reptile!
Lucas (#28419): And... Ihave no idea
crb1104 (#3797): How do you make rice pudding without rice?
Lucas (#28419): Hello
crb1104 (#3797): Sometimes, sometimes it's not really possible/feasible to just buy a male.
ColdBushido (#29358): someone told me it's better to keep females and go buy new males
Seashellstar101 (#28327): I need to stop holding back males lol
Seashellstar101 (#28327): nice!
ColdBushido (#29358): Check out this reptile!
crb1104 (#3797): could go with something not a lot of people breed where the leader board only has petshop-level quality but you'll be pretty much on your own as far as quality breed projects.
ColdBushido (#29358): lvl 45 lets me breed up to 22 loci, correct?
crb1104 (#3797): Royals are popular, a lot of people breed them so you won't have much problem finding studs or stock from player lines but there's a lot of competition for the Leaderboard.
crb1104 (#3797): I suggest a snake then
Naeco (#30673): Now that I have a steady stream of income (frogs), what should I look at next? I've always loved snakes
Breakout26 (#23286): jerzi i have some common booas.... but i need to hatch some first
Breakout26 (#23286): dos someone wanna talk a bit?
Breakout26 (#23286): HLLO
Jerzi (#28947): I'm trying to stay away from RP cause I have so many and I'm very bored with them so I'm working on some nice BCI
crb1104 (#3797): Unfortunately not a species that's been on my radar
Jerzi (#28947): Anyone got any common boas for sale?
Paula9099 (#20964): i will bbl
Paula9099 (#20964): ok think most of the cluches will just be sold off anyways
crb1104 (#3797): I think I'm ok for now I'm trying to build up my own horde
Paula9099 (#20964): hey crb i am about to hatch some pangolin clutches want me to keep you some?
crb1104 (#3797): It works?
Paula9099 (#20964): pass i have never used it
Jerzi (#28947): How do you use the manage project thing?
Paula9099 (#20964): nice
crb1104 (#3797): I made a thing
crb1104 (#3797): Check out this reptile!
Paula9099 (#20964): 75 royals kept so far
Paula9099 (#20964): i am so not looking forward to breeding time after these clutchs finish hatching
John_Kelly (#28303): Hey hey first Toffee combo finally separate from other recessives. Check out this reptile!
Paula9099 (#20964): lol oh my sell tab has been restocked
Yuki (#26034): I gotta do stat points and feed before turn and hatching again. I am excited and hopeful for my triple hets or double het full leo pairs.

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