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Thea2176 (#25361): Can someone tell me what the deal with racks is?
Fin (#27668): I have to go for now Petit but I will see you tomorrow I hope
Fin (#27668): are you reserving them or just hatching for everyone
Fin (#27668): well I would like a male and female pair I like bright colors so.......ya maybe just keep a few and then sell the rest I dob't buy
PetitRenard (#27077): Im hatching some now, any specific gender or colors?
Fin (#27668): oo petit what are your prices for bettas
Fin (#27668): okay that woulf be great thanks
PetitRenard (#27077): Ill have 25 clutches to hatch next turn. Ill pull males and female from them and you can see which you'd like.
Fin (#27668): Hogs?
PetitRenard (#27077): I have some
Fin (#27668): Check out this reptile! or him?
Fin (#27668): Check out this reptile! or him
Fin (#27668): Should I get him Check out this reptile!
Fin (#27668): looking for hogs, anyone have males and/or females
forgetfulperson (#27596): Not pretty but more generic only thing amazing is quality
forgetfulperson (#27596): Check out this reptile! finally got what I f-ing wanted and twice I got twins after like 5-6 trys literally
ASHTIN (#26698): Check out this reptile!
ASHTIN (#26698): xD
forgetfulperson (#27596): Ok we remembered it yay brain cells
ASHTIN (#26698): Lucy its up..
ASHTIN (#26698): otay
bl4cklilly (#27680): Hello
forgetfulperson (#27596): Check out this reptile! dis one I needs dis I don't need anymore
forgetfulperson (#27596): Oh wait yes I do
forgetfulperson (#27596): Lol no I'm neck deep in snake crap I don't neeeerd more..sneaks.....
ASHTIN (#26698): Check out this reptile!
ASHTIN (#26698): They usually do xD
Vangal (#18832): and i hope your sister will smile after time spent with you!
Vangal (#18832): geez i did my nails after such long time, i should really take care about them... they look awesome
Vangal (#18832): me me me... kinda
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): 5 Red Eyed Tree Frogs on market. Gonna petshop sell them once I get home if they're not bought. All are het black (import sire), some are het hypo
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): I am... kinda. Taking my sister to town. She's having a bad day so im treating her to dinner and then I'm not sure XD Maybe walk around the mall, something teens like XD
ASHTIN (#26698): Whos on?
ASHTIN (#26698): need
ASHTIN (#26698): you nrrd more
ASHTIN (#26698): But i have 475 + 86...
forgetfulperson (#27596): Oh no no no no no I'm good I have over 130 no thankyou ash but thanks any way
ASHTIN (#26698): You want any royals
forgetfulperson (#27596): Pm me for reserve and I'll give you a buy one get two free deal just for today need 40 gone so help me buy out fast.
forgetfulperson (#27596): What's the difference between pH and het and does that mean possible het?
forgetfulperson (#27596): Unnasigned tab full of cute 1m-4 y old piebald snakes some coi majority no coi all cheap need gone for next turn
ASHTIN (#26698): Check out this reptile!
ASHTIN (#26698): If you want royals look at my unassigned
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): I have 2 snakes I didnt buy
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): ???????????????????????
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): Thank you
jasondark (#18024): Lol, done
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): I did, I had actually sent you a request too XD
jasondark (#18024): send u a buddy request, accept itr so i can send u the rest

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