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skyewalker38 (#17322): kk got two up the others next turn but just a little bit of chocolate is no where to be found
skyewalker38 (#17322): nova spotfinder was what the q
skyewalker38 (#17322): nova one up right now
skyewalker38 (#17322): Check out this reptile!
skyewalker38 (#17322): lol ok nova . *OOF . Its a paula !!! hi hugs back !
Paula9099 (#20964): *Sneaks up behind skye and gives her a hug*
Nova (#20319): You can’t sell a Snek that’s preggo lmao
skyewalker38 (#17322): question if you sell a snake with eggs in gestation does the person the snake is sold to get the clutch
skyewalker38 (#17322): lol ok
Nova (#20319): If you wanna re-pair then feel free to. I’ve got to turn a bunch anyways :)
skyewalker38 (#17322): two of them are due to be out of incubator next turn
Nova (#20319): Thank you I appreciate it so much skye!
skyewalker38 (#17322): it does hurt :(
skyewalker38 (#17322): time to go go fishing for those snakes u want nova
Nova (#20319): Awh that always hurts . I’m sorry :(
skyewalker38 (#17322): im good had to cut off a hang nail on my toe though
Nova (#20319): Hey Skye! How are you doing?
skyewalker38 (#17322): hi guys
Nova (#20319): Alright see you River!
FlowingRiver (#18775): Alright I'm hoping off I'm tired lol
FlowingRiver (#18775): Okay I'll check!
Nova (#20319): There’s 8 koi females already on market 30K/per
Nova (#20319): I put a bunch of females up for 30k . . I can check my stock and see how many I have for you
FlowingRiver (#18775): I need more adult females but the ones listed are for tokens...
FlowingRiver (#18775): Up
Nova (#20319): Those will work ! Thank you for the third time lmao
FlowingRiver (#18775): Check out this reptile!
FlowingRiver (#18775): Check out this reptile!
FlowingRiver (#18775): I can sell you 2 right now
Nova (#20319): Oh okay. That’s alright then . I have serpico breeding some for me . So I can wait if needed :)
FlowingRiver (#18775): I sell mostly females unfortunetly. Let me see if I'm hatching any next turn
Nova (#20319): Just 0% COI male koi in general. Mine aren’t related to yours at all. Since I use morph maker x CGE lines . I just need 6 males if you have them.
FlowingRiver (#18775): Actually I don't have that many males I can sell. I only have one that's already on the market
FlowingRiver (#18775): Maybe? You mean o coi from my stock or yours?
Nova (#20319): Do you have 6-12 unrelated koi males I can buy off you?
FlowingRiver (#18775): No thank you! Take your time, I get it. Gonna start listing my other species up for sale too. Koi, Gooty Sapphires, Bettas, Creasties, and a Steg
Nova (#20319): Alright thank you River! I’m buying them slowly haha my Wi-Fi sucks
FlowingRiver (#18775): All done Nova lol
Isaax (#32362): Can I have like piebald, albino or lusistic
Isaax (#32362): Check out this reptile!
Isaax (#32362): does any body have axolotls
Isaax (#32362): please tell me someone has them
Isaax (#32362): BUSH VIPERS
FlowingRiver (#18775): Finally done with hatching! Okay anyone else want my royals for sell before I list them for Nova?
Dreamfyre (#32443): why is it that small dogs talk so much crap? my 3 large dogs are so calm and laid back.
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Its a small dog too
Nova (#20319): Sounds like my small dog lmao
mistdragonwolf (#15910): ...theres a dog going nuts and its starting to annoy me
Nova (#20319): I’m sure . And sure mist! And no problem serp!
Serpico (#24050): thank you Nova

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