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OUTLAWZ_REPTILES (#18132): Check out this reptile!
SnagDAWG_Reptiles (#31214): hi
MrBaracuda (#30584): @Poppy123 sure, you can pick them out from my page or tell me if there is any specific u search for :) also sent u a pm for easier communication:)
MrBaracuda (#30584): Mornin ppl :)
Nova (#20319): Check out this reptile!
Nova (#20319): Check out this reptile!
mistdragonwolf (#15910): wouldnt take no as a answer -_-'
mistdragonwolf (#15910): XD hoping when i walk home there wont be someone who askes if they can take me home again like last night (former bully's cousin who was nice but still)
Breadeddraggo (#30756): Oh hi mist
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Ello breaded
John_Kelly (#28303): And it's het Oreo, nice.
John_Kelly (#28303): Ooo pretty
Nova (#20319): Check out this reptile!
Breadeddraggo (#30756): Yeah probably the best to me lol
John_Kelly (#28303): Nice, good news is always great.
Breadeddraggo (#30756): Doing good got good news from my teacher
John_Kelly (#28303): I'm doing good, how about you?
Breadeddraggo (#30756): How are you john
John_Kelly (#28303): Hi Bread
Breadeddraggo (#30756): Hey yall
John_Kelly (#28303): Thanks, and yeah go for it.
Nova (#20319): can i snatch those leos ufs john?
Nova (#20319): absolute stunner john! very very nice!
John_Kelly (#28303): Finally made a Hypo Mojave Phantom. :D
John_Kelly (#28303): Check out this reptile!
WWECornSerpent (#2122): mrblacks420 - are you on?
mistdragonwolf (#15910): that was like 4 to 5 years ago
mistdragonwolf (#15910): i cant really... i mean i did try once and someone said i traced it when i did a realistic fox for the first time STEP BY STEP
Nova (#20319): you could everyone can :P
mistdragonwolf (#15910): i cants draw XD
Nova (#20319): haha i draw a shiz ton. just trying to get in on the computer :)
mistdragonwolf (#15910): i know someone who can help withthat kind of stuff. shes really good at drawing things
mistdragonwolf (#15910): i just now cleaned it out when it happened at 1 pm today
Nova (#20319): Check out this reptile!
Nova (#20319): designing reptile stickers, logos , and posters for my future business next year. and awh im sorry to hear that mist! :(
mistdragonwolf (#15910): dude i messed my knee up from a carpet burn XD
mistdragonwolf (#15910): yeee
Nova (#20319): mist the 75 royals are rtb pairing them next turn. should have 0.00% coi babies to prove out yours. :)
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Check out this reptile! Check out this reptile! Check out this reptile! selling these three
Poppy123 (#31121): My males are available on stud market
mistdragonwolf (#15910): XD i am in pain
Poppy123 (#31121): Thanks
Poppy123 (#31121): Nova- Are selling or I can send you my males for breeding. Send good baby out of it
Poppy123 (#31121): Nova I have males and two 5loci females
Nova (#20319): Check out this reptile!
Nova (#20319): Check out this reptile!
Nova (#20319): Check out this reptile!
Nova (#20319): i think i might have some. :) do you need ready to breed ones?
Poppy123 (#31121): MrBaracuda I need some breeding low loci royal
John_Kelly (#28303): Hi Kibakiza.

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