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WWECornSerpent (#2122): Do not keep any offspring unless you want to continue with the species and add the other 2 genes to the mix.
WWECornSerpent (#2122): You get Gentics XP by breeding. The more genes/morphs/loci involved, the more XP. Beginners, however, must start by pairing a normal/wild-type to a single morph. We recommend getting an adult hypo male red-eyed tree frog and 5-6 adult normal females, seeral groups like that, to raise your levels rapidly. Breed so you are hatching clutches every turn. The frogs take up less space, breed quickly and have larger clutches to give more XP.
giggity (#33739): how do i get genetics exp? i just started
giggity (#33739): how do i get genetics xp from 0
skyewalker38 (#17322): Hi good start animal is red tree frogs get yourself a few pairs and keep breeding till your breeding levels and gentic are up till lvl ten that way u can breed more then one morph to each other . 2 find on main sepices you want to start breeding and make sure u collect you career money which can choose under the reptile tab up top button careers choose its a source of income every day though not alot .
skyewalker38 (#17322): Foes suitable?
Dawn3755 (#33755): What foes suitable mean
Dawn3755 (#33755): Hello i joined a few minutes ago and im so confused lol
skyewalker38 (#17322): snakes for sale
Terryd613 (#19691): Check out this reptile!
Terryd613 (#19691): Check out this reptile!
skyewalker38 (#17322): hi guys
HognosesRule_ (#33511): omg i havent played in w ehile
haileyD (#22107): Check out this reptile!
haileyD (#22107): Check out this reptile!
haileyD (#22107): officially bred my first 400+ q leo
Terryd613 (#19691): Check out this reptile!
Serpico (#24050): pp
giggity (#33739): i need 28 genetics skill level
Katie1999 (#24277): Check out this reptile!
Katie1999 (#24277): Hi!
skyewalker38 (#17322): hi guys'
LemonLiv (#31388): Does adding the stat points to skin condition and muscle tone have any actual effect on the animals?
Terryd613 (#19691): Token market* duh
Terryd613 (#19691): If anyone needs tokens that arent $2m check the token shop
isa (#33746): ion have that kinda moneyyyy lol
Terryd613 (#19691): You can always buy an adult from the shop
isa (#33746): I CQNT ZQIT THQT LONG
Terryd613 (#19691): I usually sell the babies unless they're somewhat useful
Terryd613 (#19691): I honestly forget lol i think its somewhere between 2-2.5 years old i could be wrong though..i think the males are ready when they're adolescent though
isa (#33746): i barley have patience left
isa (#33746): ahahah also one question WHEN THE HELL DO THEY BECOME ADULTSSSSS
Terryd613 (#19691): So im here lol
Terryd613 (#19691): I used to watch those all the time, always wanted to breed them but i just dont have anymore space lol
isa (#33746): tbh i was watching those like egg opening videos of snakes and now i want a snakkeee lol thats also how i found this game
Terryd613 (#19691): Nice to meet you! The game does go by a bit slow lol its not for everyone but if its something that interests you it can be kinda fun, never know whats gonna be in those eggs sometimes and some morphs are pretty cool looking
isa (#33746): yeah i was adding elojis so i would sound so dryy
Terryd613 (#19691): I think if they have emojis it doesnt send, i had that issue too
isa (#33746): ALR SO FOURTH TAKE my names isa and im fourteeennn
isa (#33746): help my messages wont send
Terryd613 (#19691): Just like to help people out when they're in need lol
Terryd613 (#19691): Yes my name is Terry lol and im a guy, not 51 years old though lol im 25
isa (#33746): the game just go's so sloww but just to be sure are you a guy or a girl because your name according to your username is terry and i dont rrly want to be talking to some 51 year old dude LOL
Terryd613 (#19691): You're welcome! Once you level up your breeding xp and genetics xp things get a bit easier, it is difficult when you first start out
isa (#33746): whats your nameee?
isa (#33746): thank you so much!!!!
Terryd613 (#19691): Hes alittle old, like from literally 2019 LOL but he'll do you good
Terryd613 (#19691): Also if you go to the reptile market and check the "reserved for you" tab, you can have one of my single gene royal's to help you out!
isa (#33746): thank youuuu

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