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Remember not to link your reptiles more than 3 times at once.
Frog-Queen (#15833): A lot of pets on auction too btw
Frog-Queen (#15833): Got Bettas, Chams, Spiders, Pangolins, Blue tongues and octopus for sale!
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): Sb is starting bid, MI minimum increase and AB autobuy
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): This is my 1st auction so I assume Sb is starting bid, what are the other 2?
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): Ah you can bid in SC too! I just converted it to gc xD bid would so be 160 SC atm. Oh no it is listed like the ones in auction! the names of the wolves aren't relevant since I named them at birth just for me
Frog-Queen (#15833): anyone wants pangolins? got a lot for sale
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): Miss read
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): Unless Im miss reading that and they bidded on the 4th one in auction and not the one literally name sale 4?
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): Ah and yes, I liked pup name Sale 4 and someone has already made a bid of 2 gc. I dont even have gc atm. Im trying to sell 3 full turkeys for 2 gc but Ill probably end up takin them down and tossing them to my wolves
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): I imported them to wardrobe and changed the age ^^
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): Oh are u interested in the only pup with bids? XD
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): Im out then. I dont have 2 gc and I was obly interested in 1 pup. On a different note though, how did you get them to appear as adults?
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): I sent you the link in wolvden
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): It is and I would like that
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): Ah I made a chatter post about it, I can link it if wolvden is up again
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): There are actual auctions? Where do I find that?
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): @Savage They are all auction pups o: no one listed yet, but if they won't be bid on, I will put them in trade
Frog-Queen (#15833): Ah if you ever need help message me :)
TheReptarium (#26218): ohhh i see it now osrry no thanks
TheReptarium (#26218): whats one of them sorry im new ish

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