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charlsiecf (#32793): Thanks!!!
Morphmaker101 (#13981): Sure np. Done that for you
charlsiecf (#32793): I'd love to take her. Could you reserve her for me?
Morphmaker101 (#13981): The Hypo is 6900 repto
charlsiecf (#32793): I'm having trouble tracking her down on the market. How much is she?
Morphmaker101 (#13981): Check out this reptile!
Morphmaker101 (#13981): Thanks, she's for sale if you'd like her
charlsiecf (#32793): Morph, she's gorgeous!
Morphmaker101 (#13981): Check out this reptile!
Darknessdrake (#33273): Hatched my first Bach
Darknessdrake (#33273): Check out this reptile!
Darknessdrake (#33273): I got one of my hoggys pregnant! Gona sell the babies prob
Darknessdrake (#33273): Ty for the tip
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Darknessdrake - you are only Genetics Level 1 so you need to be very careful about what you buy.
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Reduced price on 3 young adult Import Russian Rat Snakes and 4 neonate/juvie females
Darknessdrake (#33273): 44 can I have a python I’m ok with any morph
Darknessdrake (#33273): Can I have one I’m ok with any morph
Hinkle44 (#26876): i probably have any morphs you are looking for
Hinkle44 (#26876): i have hundreds of ball pythons available
WWECornSerpent (#2122): You're welcome!
Darknessdrake (#33273): Ty 4 the help corn
Darknessdrake (#33273): Sent u le requst
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Darknessdrake - send me a Buddy Request and I can give you some financial help to get you going.
WWECornSerpent (#2122): I recommend you read the info on Genetics Level under FAQ/Help. The formula comes in very handy.
Darknessdrake (#33273): O ok
John_Kelly (#28303): You need to breed a normal to something with 1 loci
Darknessdrake (#33273): It says I have to have genetics exp
John_Kelly (#28303): Breeding under Reptiles.
Darknessdrake (#33273): How do I breed
John_Kelly (#28303): You get XP by breeding and hatching animals.
Darknessdrake (#33273): How do I get exp without spending tokens
John_Kelly (#28303): Glad you're getting rest and time to play, I get what you mean about work. I'm just glad my work is currently with doing my reptiles.
Darknessdrake (#33273): How do I get breeding exp without spending anything
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Hi John! I'm doing okay. Getting much needed relaxation and mind distraction playing games. Work is more than a grind.
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Darknessdrake - you have a Honduran Milksnake, not a kingsnake.
John_Kelly (#28303): Hi WWE how're you doing?
WWECornSerpent (#2122): By breeding, selling, filling contracts, plus a few other little games. But breeding and hatching clutches mostly.
davismr (#33272): How do I make money?
Darknessdrake (#33273): I mean want to breed
Darknessdrake (#33273): John gives ‘em (I am breeding red eyes)
John_Kelly (#28303): They're in the reptile shop.
Darknessdrake (#33273): Hand ‘‘em Over
John_Kelly (#28303): They're great XP and make decent reptos.
Darknessdrake (#33273): Give
John_Kelly (#28303): Breeding 1.6 pairs of Red Eyed Tree Frogs, male normal x female hypo.
Darknessdrake (#33273): Dose anyone know any tips I’m new
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Added 4 young Russian females to go with the males :)
WWECornSerpent (#2122): 3 adult male Import Russian Rat snakes on Market
Bumpy (#23330): Hi hi

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