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Yuki (#26034): Hi
Paula9099 (#20964): Koi on market
Paula9099 (#20964): Hey all
SavageWolffSoul (#26117): Putting 800+ qs up
MysticGalaxy (#26315): any name ideas?
MysticGalaxy (#26315): Check out this reptile!
OpossumTrash (#24737): Many morphed corn snakes up on the market!
MysticGalaxy (#26315): 920Q + Royal Pythons on Auction! (3 Days Auction)
Osito (#19079): Idk what morphs so im using albino as an example
Osito (#19079): Ello
MysticGalaxy (#26315): morning!
Osito (#19079): Like you bred her with a regular albino or a het albino and she secretly was het albino
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): .... now which retic did I get that from...
Osito (#19079): Idk how to explain it but she revealed that for example shes het albino
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): What does: mother poss het revealed! mean?
Paula9099 (#20964): hey rosie you more play dog breeder?
Rosie_Horse (#25440): meh, havent been on rbg in 3 months, i hace to wait for my pc to update before i can log onto dbg
Paula9099 (#20964): 560 reptiles renamed
Paula9099 (#20964): gahh hey hows ya night going?
Rosie_Horse (#25440): hey
Paula9099 (#20964): oh if you search the marker for 0% COI i am renaming all my sell tab
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): redo'ing most of my royals and boas...
Paula9099 (#20964): oh if you search the marker for 0% COI i am renaming all my sell tab
Paula9099 (#20964): yep hence me doing a mass sell child
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): probably going to keep my animals under 200, since the page reverts to this every time I do something.
Paula9099 (#20964): 1 page done of renaming
Paula9099 (#20964): Koi up on market
Paula9099 (#20964): gonna rename all my snakies in my sell tab to how man Loci and their coi
Paula9099 (#20964): the game does work
SamHunterNinja (#22917): Anyways, I'll se everyone in a few months hopefully lol
SamHunterNinja (#22917): Yeah the game hasn't been working since before December and still doesn't ;-;
Yuki (#26034): What? XD
SamHunterNinja (#22917): Alright I'll be back in a few months cya
SamHunterNinja (#22917): Which it still does not
SamHunterNinja (#22917): I have returned to see if the game works lol
Yuki (#26034): Hi
SamHunterNinja (#22917): Hello everyone
Jewel16 (#26668): I've bred 6 1st produced morphs for royals today
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): got 16 clutches of retics ready to go, oh boy
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): ty
Morphmaker101 (#13981): Check out this reptile!
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): just to note, you can only hold back 3 offspring from every clutch to use for later projects.
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): sell the extra offspring to the petshop for money.
Yuki (#26034): It would probably be better with banana or something first, I think.
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): rinse and repeat until you hit level 50 for genetics and breeding
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): then start with the petshop animals, breed a normal to a albino to make het for albino, then breed the hets to the visual albinos to make more.
Anaxibia (#26680): Ok, thanks
ChildSqueezingMonkey (#14027): google it
Anaxibia (#26680): I am only at lvl 1 and 2 with genetics and breeding
Anaxibia (#26680): I have no idea what morphmarkets calculator is or qhere it is

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