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Morphmaker101 (#13981): Check out this reptile!
Pika_Fever (#27416): no worries :P
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): thank you so much :3
Pika_Fever (#27416): okay i'll market her up for you :)
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): would be interested in this one :3
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): Check out this reptile!
Pika_Fever (#27416): 500 a fishy :P
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): what price do u sell them at? :)
Pika_Fever (#27416): 5*
Pika_Fever (#27416): check my sell tab theres 3 there but im about to hatch more XD
Pika_Fever (#27416): yes XD
Cy4n4D3v1L (#15700): Anyone selling bettas?
Pika_Fever (#27416): thank you i will pop a list over XD kept their tabs open
SwannaMoon (#15431): And Pika, if there's any royals in my for sale tab that interest you(that haven't been reserved already)you could DM me their link, if they're sellable now or later, I'll tell you?
Pika_Fever (#27416): thats quite interesting to know :)
SwannaMoon (#15431): Also first that's low loci are usually not first ever but first born after the past first died lmao, the title actually isn't that elusive
SwannaMoon (#15431): Good night! Sorry I've just left to check on another game, I'll be seeing you later then
RosyWindFox (#22865): thank you :)
Pika_Fever (#27416): have a good sleep :)
RosyWindFox (#22865): alright it's almost 2am I'm gonna head to bed, it was lovely talking to both of you
Pika_Fever (#27416): nice :P
RosyWindFox (#22865): phew after hatching and discarding slugs I'm down to 110
Pika_Fever (#27416): many of the bigger players do :P
RosyWindFox (#22865): it would take like 2 days to get through 1 turn
Pika_Fever (#27416): many of the bigger players do :P
RosyWindFox (#22865): if I had a stable 1k I would simply perish
Pika_Fever (#27416): i went for 40-100 lat weekend then during the week ive made it upto 200 market i want to be a stable 1000 by end of the month XD
RosyWindFox (#22865): oh wow, hopefully it'll be another week of playing before I get there, although at the rate I'm going I might get there Monday
Pika_Fever (#27416): ive got over 200 constantly now XD
RosyWindFox (#22865): highest I've even been by like 40
RosyWindFox (#22865): 143 clutches in the incubator... wow
Pika_Fever (#27416): nice and probably does then? ive got loads of first but they have hets too but not really hought much about it
RosyWindFox (#22865): because one of my het axanthic super cypresses is the first in the game
RosyWindFox (#22865): do hets count on if a morph is the first in a game? Like is the first banana het albino a first morph as well as the first banana albino?
Pika_Fever (#27416): my aim today is to start a panther group XD
RosyWindFox (#22865): yeah I saw many rare things
Pika_Fever (#27416): some proper hard to finds too :P
RosyWindFox (#22865): woah swanna's got a little of everything
Pika_Fever (#27416): swannas collection is impressive
RosyWindFox (#22865): your koi and bettas look very nice!
Pika_Fever (#27416): I understand the feeling ive bee petshopping or my excess fish as I am just going to line breed the colours :P
Pika_Fever (#27416): well if I will buy a couple a of royals off you when you get to it :P I saw a few good boys for me and theres some older females I would be into as well. I
SwannaMoon (#15431): My tabs is all around unsorted though, it's so messy rn lmao
SwannaMoon (#15431): I probably could put a lot more of them on market but it's tedious putting ton of animals on sale
SwannaMoon (#15431): Oh, if it's in there, then it's meant to be sold someday, but for reasons is doesn't, example: it's gravid, is a breed then sell that haven't been bred yet, not supposed to be sold to players(like elders or lame animals lmao), unless you meant have I sort them to be put on market yet then well, I haven't
Pika_Fever (#27416): oh i meant the ones in the tab XD
SwannaMoon (#15431): Not yet, I sort them at the end of the turns and I haven't reach that point yet
Pika_Fever (#27416): swanna have you sorted your sell tab?
Pika_Fever (#27416): thats fine :P
SwannaMoon (#15431): Yeah I check the whole turn's incubator, I don't think I'll have any cresties that I can sell to you this turn Pika(if you're still in chat), I don't have any of my low loci pairings clutches today

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