Reptile Breeder Game 'Standard Version'
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Legal Conformity and Links

Under development
Remember not to link your reptiles more than 3 times at once.
Kreyeaul (#20069): put em on the market ill buy them
BunBon (#25184): Okay, i would also like to sell some of my baby royals
Kreyeaul (#20069): swap your royals that aren't that good for better ones
BunBon (#25184): Wdym xp
Kreyeaul (#20069): if you swap out with me then you can have the world XD
Kreyeaul (#20069): yeah they were from a while ago
BunBon (#25184): Krey i see that you have some royals up for me but i cant take anymore
BunBon (#25184): It should say in yellow at the bottom of the snakes profile, reserved for starwall360
Kreyeaul (#20069): they will be reserved for you
Starwall360 (#25259): .
Starwall360 (#25259): im on reptilr market and i have a list of royals, how do i know which is yours
BunBon (#25184): Star you want me to put up 1 or 2 more females?
Kreyeaul (#20069): go to market and select royals and the snakes i reserved for you should be there
Starwall360 (#25259): .
Starwall360 (#25259): hhow do you trade
Starwall360 (#25259): bunbon ive sent a buddy request
Kreyeaul (#20069): i have a breeding pair the people who wanted them backed out
Starwall360 (#25259): i only have 16,950 reptos
BunBon (#25184): i also have some good females for starters
BunBon (#25184): krey, low loci?

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