Reptile Breeder Game 'Standard Version'
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Under development
Remember not to link your reptiles more than 3 times at once.
Starwall360 (#25259): Thank you sooo much
Kreyeaul (#20069): sorry i was busy messing around with a black panther mask XD
Starwall360 (#25259): aha got it thak you
LizardLady (#10409): You will have to search for the species or player in order to purchase. The market system is under construction
BunBon (#25184): copy Kreyeaul name and put it into the owner id
Starwall360 (#25259): okay thanks
BunBon (#25184): copy Kreyeaul name and put it into the owner id
tattoobaby89 (#17730): it came up fine for me
Starwall360 (#25259): i can see the prices but it wont show them in market
tattoobaby89 (#17730): Starwall360 type in Kreyeaul to get it to come up
Starwall360 (#25259): i cant seem to, no
Kreyeaul (#20069): can you buy them off my page
Kreyeaul (#20069): dang
Starwall360 (#25259): i can see the ones for sale on your profile but theyre not coming up on market
Kreyeaul (#20069): i culled out most my royals
BunBon (#25184): dang how do you have that much
Kreyeaul (#20069): yeah i have 70 space left
BunBon (#25184): Do you have enough space?
Kreyeaul (#20069): put em on the market ill buy them
BunBon (#25184): Okay, i would also like to sell some of my baby royals

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