Reptile Breeder Game 'Standard Version'
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Remember not to link your reptiles more than 3 times at once.
WWECornSerpent (#2122): I'll try that. I never use those status options.
1les93 (#14198): I'm to the point I celebrate when there's no hatchlings from a clutch I want to keep
WWECornSerpent (#2122): I'm not that bad with just 1 species, but around that or more total clutches per turn.
Phable (#11037): WWE, when i do mass 1500 per page i click the option ' NOT FED ' --> SHOW, before i click the feed option for every page, so i dont get that problem
WWECornSerpent (#2122): LOL! My Royals have taken over!
1les93 (#14198): I'm hatching anywhere between 1-100 clutches of eggs per turn
Niabi (#23194): Same with my leopard geckos
Phable (#11037): 1Les93 i hear ya, royals tend to over-run every1 :)
1les93 (#14198): My royal python breeding program is getting out of hand yikes
WWECornSerpent (#2122): When I've done more than 800/page, some don't get last few hundred.
Phable (#11037): i do he option 1500 per page
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Rough 7000 per page of 800 X 8 pages to feed...Yuck!
Phable (#11037): yeah i agree
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Rack upkeep is more per turn, but I try not to look at that...or cost to feed.
WWECornSerpent (#2122): But per space, racks are cheaper. Sell tokens to buy racks.
Phable (#11037): yeah thats what i thought
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Chepaer to just add to existing room at 1 token/1 space. 50 tokens for 20 space is expensive.
Phable (#11037): mhm .
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Never would have gotten more rooms way back when.
Phable (#11037): ouch

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