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Remember not to link your reptiles more than 3 times at once.
Morgenstern13 (#14153): its a lot of work to breed them by hand and a lot of luck i find that a video by the the poke tuber jwittz on the subject Pokemon genetics are what i recommend on the subject.
LoneSorcceress (#25410): I played yellow all the way up to ORAS and i haven't played the new ones, but i played the old ranger games and that wii pokemon ranch game
AshLeigh (#25641): I haven't played pokemon since 2007ish when my brother broke my gameboy
LoneSorcceress (#25410): I dont know much about conpetive pokemon, my brother bred me a team of my design years ago that i use on showdown occasionally but im not sure of the specifics
Morgenstern13 (#14153): same here if its Pokemon related competitive or otherwise.
LoneSorcceress (#25410): You seem interesting lol, wanted to look into chatting with you in the future but am too busy at the moment, no problem, if you have any questions or anything in particular youre looking for let me know :D
AshLeigh (#25641): any tme Morning Star
Morgenstern13 (#14153): ditto for you ash
Morgenstern13 (#14153): thanks for buddy request sorcceress.
Morgenstern13 (#14153): yeah i was a breeder for competitive Pokemon battles so more on the subject its interesting.
AshLeigh (#25641): Can I get the RBP single morphs you have up?
jesaboettger (#25603): okee Sorcceress :)
LoneSorcceress (#25410): Jesa ill check your list
LoneSorcceress (#25410): That seems like something I'd definitely be interested in hearing more about, if you'd be willing to sit and chat about it for a bit in the future?
jesaboettger (#25603): anyone interested in anything named "sell" before I sell to petshop? I have too many snakes xD lots of hognoses and boas!
AshLeigh (#25641): My job is not that exciting compared to others in my field, but I enjoy it.
AshLeigh (#25641): I study the genetic aptitude of animals that are being used to stud out such as show dogs or highly sought out cats. It varies by employer though. Some people may help to trace ancestory or to confirm paternity or to screen for genetic diseases or even work in hospitals or as teachers. Some are researchers as well, on projects like gene splicing or cloning to name some well known ones.
LoneSorcceress (#25410): What does being a geneticist entail? For now i breed rodents and assorted mammals/avains but i plan to do quite a bit of other things in the near future
AshLeigh (#25641): I love that. I'm a geneticist but I have plans to breed Royal Balls when I retire.
LoneSorcceress (#25410): I buy them for 20k quite often lol, but honestly not sure of market value

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