Reptile Breeder Game 'Standard Version'
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Remember not to link your reptiles more than 3 times at once.
jasondark (#18024): yeah i'm trying to see how negative i can get and how much coi can i get without getting all slugs
tattoobaby89 (#17730): thatll be neat you can get into negative Q that way
jasondark (#18024): i have a different project for royals, the most coi with the least quality
tattoobaby89 (#17730): yep between you and skye all 0 COI haha
jasondark (#18024): awesome tatt Lol 0 COI from now on
tattoobaby89 (#17730): Jason im breeding the ones I got today with the ones I had in my blood so that the coi will be 0 I cant wait
Dragooness (#8079): Check out this reptile!
LilyTheWolsky (#24484): Check out this reptile! I really like this one that i produced
Dragooness (#8079): Geezus
jasondark (#18024): also a reminder that all my royals are up for grabs
Dragooness (#8079): So many bleeping raptors
jasondark (#18024): anyone with reindeers and cats?
Dragooness (#8079): Dont use the link, copy the url
landofreptiles (#21882): wouldn't go in the caht
landofreptiles (#21882): No, I clicked link in chat but it won
Dragooness (#8079): Did you copy the url from the search bar?
landofreptiles (#21882): Thanks!
Dragooness (#8079): Here you go Check out this reptile!
landofreptiles (#21882): The game won't let me link a royal I have for sale if anyone is interested
Dragooness (#8079): *licks the chat*

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