October 24, 2014, 12:57 pm

News and Updates

New XP system
08:15 24 Oct 2014

We have implemented a new experience system into the game. Currently XP can only be gained through breeding and feeding hungry reptiles, however we will be extending that to credit XP for other activities such as trading, breeding feeders, interacting with your reptiles and other activities.

Should you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them on the forum! :)

- Omega

Patch v0.1.8
09:07 23 Oct 2014

Important note: All players are urged to update their secret question and answers via their account pages under the overview menu.

- Registration: registration fields now show correctly.
- Registration: DOB fields are now correctly recorded.
- Registration: My 'secret question' display issue now fixed.
- Property: Fixed missing feeder icon when breeding crickets.
- Market: Added new feeder food to the Feeder Sales shop.
- Market: Added missing repto and token icon to prices.
- Forum: Link to author under 'recent replies' fixed.

- Menu mouse responsiveness improved
- Icons added to menu headers (New ones needed)

- XP implementation to breeding, veterinarian, and entrepreneuring actions.

If you have any suggestions on existing or new features, we'd love to hear them in the forum!

- Omega

Reporting bugs/glitches
07:20 21 Oct 2014

Remember to report any weird issues, bugs and glitches in the Bug Center forum!

- Omega

Feeding/substrate issue
10:11 20 Oct 2014

We are aware of the troubles with feeding/substrate assignment and are looking to have this fixed by the morning (GMT).

- Omega


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