October 23, 2014, 10:19 am

News and Updates

Patch v0.1.8
09:07 23 Oct 2014

Important note: All players are urged to update their secret question and answers via their account pages under the overview menu.

- Registration: registration fields now show correctly.
- Registration: DOB fields are now correctly recorded.
- Registration: My 'secret question' display issue now fixed.
- Property: Fixed missing feeder icon when breeding crickets.
- Market: Added new feeder food to the Feeder Sales shop.
- Market: Added missing repto and token icon to prices.
- Forum: Link to author under 'recent replies' fixed.

- Menu mouse responsiveness improved
- Icons added to menu headers (New ones needed)

- XP implementation to breeding, veterinarian, and entrepreneuring actions.

If you have any suggestions on existing or new features, we'd love to hear them in the forum!

- Omega

Reporting bugs/glitches
07:20 21 Oct 2014

Remember to report any weird issues, bugs and glitches in the Bug Center forum!

- Omega

Feeding/substrate issue
10:11 20 Oct 2014

We are aware of the troubles with feeding/substrate assignment and are looking to have this fixed by the morning (GMT).

- Omega

Importer Update
10:06 20 Oct 2014

The selection of reptile species and morphs on the importer has been expanded.

- Omega (Dev)


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